treasures in jars of clay.

I’m going to just be outright and say that I am overwhelmed.

The uncertainty that lies ahead, the plans not made. My agenda with plenty of boxes left to check. The to-do list running a continuous loop in my head. All the people in my life to keep up with. The people to pour into, and the people to pour into me as well. It’s a lot.

Today, everything came down all at once. So here I am, writing this.

I am writing to tell you to not lose heart.

When all of the pressure, anxiety, and fear simultaneously pulled me to the ground today, I immediately reverted into the thinking of this world. I felt like all of the pressure and uncertainty in my life right now is unfair. That God should reveal even one question I have about this coming year to me. I deserve that at the very least, right?! I wished life could be a little easier right now. I craved to take matters into my own hands again.

After my little “woe is me” session came to its end, I obviously knew that I needed a come to Jesus talk. If we’re being real here, these happen a little too frequently than I’d like to admit.

I then prayed that God would encourage me to persevere. Just as my God does, He quickly and faithfully spoke, placing the saying “do not lose heart” into my thoughts.

“Do not lose heart” lead me to 2nd Corinthians 4:7-16.

(10/10 would recommend reading that passage right now, whether you’re struggling or not)

The idea of treasures in jars of clay refers to our souls dwelling in our sinful bodies, in this ever-fading world. These jars of ours are functional, to a point. But only temporary holding places for our souls that know who Jesus is and have been transformed by what He’s done.

Just as the jar of clay is not a perfect holding place, affliction, temptation, fear, persecution, and despair will, understandably so, affect us while we live our life on earth.

But, you can have hope.

You will be afflicted, but not destroyed.

The stress of life right now may seem unbearable, but you will make it to the other side.

The heartbreak you may be experiencing right now probably feels like it will never get better, but Jesus is orchestrating the restoration at this very moment.

It may feel like the amount of uncertainty ahead lies in wait to attack you in your lack of preparation, but God is equipping you through teaching you how much you need Him, which will subsequently prepare you more than anything you could arrange for yourself.

Do not lose heart, for “this light and momentary affliction is preparing us for the eternal weight of glory beyond comparison” (vs. 17). I pray you cling to Jesus with everything you have to find this hope today.

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